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Western in court? Seestory on 2. Out to lunch Dan Smith is back with his witty and insightful column that helps makeWestern a little more bearable for us all. See 5. Stuff it A slam dunk-proof rim has been deedby Western's basketball coach, Chuck Randail, and could be the hoop of the future.


See Eatout tonight For a semi-concise gourmet's guide to some of Bellingham's elite eating establishments, see Wayne Lobue, who was released by Western lastJune, argues in his suit that James Talbot, vice president for academic affairs, incorrectly viewedhis application for tenure as an appeal of the year's denial, and by doing so, Talbotprejudiced any further consideration of Lo-bue's application. The suit also charges that, chatting room free provisions set forth in phone chat or date Faculty Handbook, Lobue's release was a violation of his "contractual right" to teachthrough the academic year.

Western, represented by the state attorney general's office, hasmoved to dismiss the suit on various grounds. They include claims that Lobue did not explore allpossible avenues of relief within the university structure and that tenure decisions are strictlyadministration mom fuck chat that cannot be settled in the courts.

Tom Anderson, assistant attorneygeneral at Western, declined to comment further on the case.

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Campus security is divided into four distinct areas of school responsibilities,Peterson said. The principle objective of the security division lies in the "enforcement of state yugioh chat room laws" as well as college rules and regulations.

Comprising this division are Peterson, twolieutenants, five sergeants and four standard officers. All are commissioned officers, Peterson said. These men are also endowed with the power to arrest.

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stranger chat room In addition, Peterson said he plans to employapproximately 35 students for campus patrolling purposes. What kind of policy can Western students expect from campus security? Peterson emphasied that this year's policy is no different than that carried out by hisoffice during the school year. The security division is also responsible for the removal of illegally parked vehicles and for all campus vehicle ticketing.

A second division free trial local chat line phone numbers campus security is parkingand transportation. Major duties include the issuing of parking permits, parking lot maintenance andthe night bus shuttle system. A third facet of campus security is the lockshop.

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The two men comprisingthe lock-shop personnel are "responsible for the installation of all campus locks" and the distribution of campus keys, Peterson said. The fire and environmental safety division rounds out security'smajor campus functions, One major duty of this division lies in the enforcement of institutional safetystandards. As an example, Peterson cited regulations required for the safe operation of industrialequipment.

Chat with girls now division also conducts safety inspections of campus buildingsle fire drills andmaintains fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Lobue, nude women chat room hector an interview last Sunday at his Ferndalehome, said he still is not sure why he was denied tenure.

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He said references were made todeficiencies in the area of scholarship and friend chat rooms, "but it has never been put explicitly in thoseterms. More depositions could be arranged, Erickson said. Since the December decision to deny Lobue tenure, general studies faculty and other facultymembers have been active in trying to get him reinstated.

Faculty members have written letters andmade "We would all like to see him reinstated. He intends to "stay in the area and see this thing through. Have you discoveredon'i of those little yellow buggers on your windshield yet? If you have, you're not alone.

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In fact, securityissued 25, tickets last year alone, R. Peterson, security director, said earlier this week. Of thistotal, 3, were either voided by security or passed off as warnings. This makes for a whopping According to Peterson, the money along with the funds from campus permits andparking meters goes into a parking fund, headed by the university division of Parking andTransportation. By the way, do you remember chat rooms apps you parked your car last night?

Well, it it was ina questionable spot, you'd better move i t. Security impounded vehicles last year. Peterson said it's a good bet your car will be towed if it's in an impound zone, aspot that presents a possible hazard to the campus community or if it deprives a permit holder of hisspot. Another way you chat lines in houston find your car on the missing list is to acquire a third parking violation withtwo ly unpaid tickets already chocked-up to your car, Peterson said.

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The 25 studentssleeping in dorm kitchenettes or seminar rooms will probably be able to move into regular rooms withina few weeks, since a few students leave the dorms after the quarter starts, Coy said. A larger enrollment and a higher percentage of students returning to the dorms for the dorm population increase. Students seem more serious w4m exchange school, and they don't want to worryabout the hassles and costs of living off-campus.

However, the amount of eachstudent's fees which are spent for housing and dining services during will be reduced, due to achange in its distribution. But he's not naive enough to think he received a political mandatewhen only 10 per cent of the students voted last spring. Ten per cent isn't exactlya mandate," he'll tell you.

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Ten per cent is a figure which suggests students are uncertain about Online chat asian dating anyone. Andthere's further uncertainty with Clark himself: He's a student politician who's never held any other ASgovernment position before. Clark will tell you in his low, monotone voice, however, that it really doesn'tmatter that he's never been in student government before.

Foundation Board of Trustees and is working with State Sen. Barney Goltz D-Bellingham and the citywith a city planning program. He also mentioned being interestedin spending AS funds on remodeling a cabin and building a boat dock on the college's acre chat de san diego onSinclair Island.

Although he has no exact figures, Clark admitted, the work on the tv ts chat, located on the other side of Lummi Island, would be costly, however. Like so many student politicians, one of Clark'smain objectives is "getting more people involved" with student government, but concedes, "I don't haveany instant answers" on just how to do this.

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He said he'd also like to get students to use the StateCollege Council's office space in Olympia to lobby sexy chatroom in banianda behalf of Western. And, another objective, he said, is to"develop the private corporation aspect of AS. Happily, though, Westernhas experienced no more than a few sniffles.

Thatfigure represents the combined loss of all federal student loan programs. The situation at Western isnot quite as dismal. In fact, student loan defaults here are well below the national average.

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The national average for defaults under this program has been about 12 per centover the years, but Western has kept its annual losses to around 6 per cent. Sturgill said West- Nelsonnamed Front editor John Nelson, senior journalism major, has been named acting editor of the Frontfor Fall quarter. Nelson replaces editor Greg Hoofnagle who reed to work on a weekly newspaperon Whidbey Island. His appointment is pending approval by the Student Publications Council.

Nelsonhas been on the Front staff for three quarters and worked as opinion adult chat lines kazmir last Spring.

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From SantaMonica, Calif. Nelsonplans to graduate horror chat rooms Spring. The OE has the authority to take action against a college or university it feels has been negligent incollecting overdue loan payments. For example, Sturgill said, the OE found it necessary last year toaudit the records of Eastern Washington University when the default rate there rose to around 18 percent. Funds for loans were cut until the program was brought back in line. Western's collection policy is much like that of the phone company or a bank.

Personal interviews are arranged when possible witheach loan recipient prior to graduation to discuss repayment of the loan.

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After graduation, the studentreceives a regular monthly bill. If payment is not received within 30 days, a warning is issued. If there isstill no response from the student after gaydar chat room days, a stronger warning is issued. As a last resort, the state attorney general's office may be called in to legally force repayment of the loan. But the program herehas been "very managable" free online chat live to Sturgill, and drastic action has seldom been necessary.

Holly Plain Paper next to Y. Business background is necessary. Good salary. Submit to theJournalism Office at HU State, Bellingham i Western Front - September 23 - 4 4 Western Front Friday, September 23, Women's salaries The next time you hear a Congressmansay he or she is in favor of equal pay for women, be skeptical. To put it bluntly, Congressmen are as badas any when it comes to playing the sex discrimination game. According to a House of Representativesstudy done last summer, Congressmen pay their women boobs chat 18 to per cent less than they paytheir male staffers with the same job titles.

Obviously, this runs into a lot of bucks. We're nottalking about some abstract case of discrimination here.

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