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Plants are eukaryotes that are primarily photosynthetic. They belong to the kingdom Plantae. Although historically the plant kingdom included all non-animal living things, the current definition of the kingdom excludes most fungi and some algae. However, they are not animals. In other words, plants are eukaryotes. They can reproduce their own seeds, although they are […]

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Historically, the kingdom Plantae included all non-animal living organisms, but current definitions exclude fungi, some algae, and prokaryotes. In the ancient world, plants comprised all the flora and fauna of all continents. Currently, plants are the only known eukaryotes classified as “phytes” – and they’re not even animals. Here are some basic facts about plants. […]

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Plants are eukaryotes that are mostly photosynthetic. They belong to the kingdom Plantae. The kingdom historically included all non-animal life, but current definitions exclude certain algae and fungi. Learn more about the evolution and classification of plants. Among all eukaryotes, plants are the most abundant. Read on to learn more about plants and how they […]

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