Beauty and you will gender notice can not be in the same sentence with the nation Nigeria

You obtained they from the 70s and since then what has you done. You could potentially always dislike to your Ghana.

OAAC: i do not discover you to nig. Y’all consider you understand shiit throughout the nigeria, you don’t know jackk. Such as for example we said, all group has the novel element. What makes yu being very jugdement. New ghana girls we get a hold of here would easily build me personally puke.

Dreyl: i’m not hating on your own country buddy,due to the fact we have ghanaian buddies,have always been merely stating the fresh new gospel knowledge and also the Average Nigerian never pick Ghanaian females facially glamorous along with myself..

Good goodlooking girl try unusual to acquire into the gh, once u find her or him, lmao, its sorta lik a wonder, you start taking photos otherwise bSing about

Why must do you know what is attractive when you been around monkeys any lifestyle. You were raise from the a good monkey, went to university with monkeys and you will are coached because of the monkeys.

They were beaten to the top spot of the Somalia and Djibouti where buy, indicating Somalian women are the most amazing on the Continent.

Do you say Djibouti?? Let me simply over come my amaze with the Djibouti being mentioned particularly into a summary of Any kind

EnlightenedSoul: Did you say Djibouti?? I’d like to only over my personal amaze into Djibouti are said specifically into the a summary of Any form

A goodlooking girl try unusual to acquire inside the gh, and when you look for them, lmao, their sorta lik a wonder, you begin taking photos or bSing regarding the

Why must do you know what is of interest whenever you existed monkeys Biker dating sites all your valuable lifetime. You were improve from the a great monkey, went along to university which have monkeys and you may are educated by the monkeys.

As for d f()()l yammering from the Nigeria winning miss world in d seventies ,r u dat dumb otherwise you roentgen simply stupid in order to hv forgotten dat Agbani darego obtained skip community in the 2001(d basic black african to attain dat feat) ? .

. all in all na only dos Ghanaians I d esteem getting d entire away from NL ,borga letter that gal such as for example dat(shed the girl NL term) d other people na youngsters ,especially dat clean air dat goes into every bond disgracing their motherland even without being offended. constantly to make fun out of Nigeria’s latest predicament however, neglecting quickly dat Ghana are close Nigeria n when the dis boko guys is enta Ghana while the de- hv completed to Cameroon,Niger n Chad, We wager u wouldn’t also be typing dis thrash u type of daily in almost any thread taking into consideration dat Ghana are only around 24mil inside the populace,that’s equal to d inhabitants out-of Lagos . anyways We blame d man (madcow) dat become dis crap,We joined dis bond to see images out of breathtaking people away from one another countries however, no! We discover ppl digressing out of d point . better go on shaa no wahala but a phrase ,stop borrowed men and women cos u would-be within the dia condition tomorrow .

Ghanaian girls are a great deal more stunning than simply nigerian female. Simply fulani female try beautiful during the nigeria, others and you may charm will never be said in the same phrase. Except that fulani female, I am but really to meet a great nigerian woman which i can also be telephone call gorgeous

The average Ghanaian you should never pick an excellent Nigerian woman beautiful otherwise naughty

OXYGENO1: Dumb deceive.Enjoys u seen or heard people gentle country that have terrorists operating around ? nigeria, Iraq,Afghanistan,somaila etcetera..Useless places global.

OAAC: lmaooo. Your gotta be kidding me. Hahahahag. Tf buddy. Your published me 2 photo regarding ladies i generally speaking see in lagos, like all the amount of time, noLIE. And you told you you bet zero 90mil+ nigerian lady is also compare. Lmao, just how comedy are you willing to be dawggg. I wager your chuckled at the you post. Lool.

Dreyl: hehehehehehethe facts are you the male is fugly baboons as honest,your own fugly ogre looking ghanaian whores don’t like the beauty of nigerian ladies,the face of your own ladies appear to be spoit banku no pun intended

Like We told you you had been elevated up to unappealing individuals thus you wouldn’t understand what handsome is actually. On globe of your apes nevertheless they named individuals unsightly just like the standard is apes. Typical to you personally was unsightly some one.

Dreyl: hehehehehehethe facts are which you guys are fugly baboons as candid,your fugly ogre searching ghanaian whores dislike the good thing about nigerian people,see your face of your female appear to be spoit banku no pun implied

ninovandross: Imagine ghana need go, dey evaluate wif naija chai, people wey actually register ankara have fun with was due to the fact jersey to own Worldcup . Ghana is also neva beat naija at anything except unappealing sha

OAAC: hahaha. Loool. This is the difference btw you bruhh. Well, sorry to burst you bubbles whether or not, it is so common right here. The brand new 90mil+ inhabitants would be to ring you an effective bell G. There are lots of regions ghana ought not to contend with, and you will nigeria is yes 1 of these. Whenever i come across an effective cutie, i stare, cuz i am men and i also had emotions, and just have towards the with my lives, such as tf

ninovandross: Believe ghana need to go, dey compare wif naija chai, some one wey actually sign up ankara use are since the jersey having Worldcup. Ghana is neva beat naija during the anything but unsightly sha

Been aware of nine/eleven together with Boston Race bombing? Those have Nigeria also? Sorry, I forgot that you could rarely discover speak a reduced amount of that have experience with events on the around the world people. I will not stoop so lowest concerning insult your own nation, due to the fact was simply bothered regarding peeps as if you who seek to stain your own country’s visualize by the exhibiting the lack of knowledge all the opportunity your rating. Beat the brand new bitterness kid, to make on your own employed for once. #GodBlessAfrica #Comfort